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Our Story

Empowering Women
Eliminating Racism

YWCA is the oldest and longest-running, originally women’s organization around the world, established in 1858 in the United States. The YWCA organization is a pioneer and remains a leading advocate of women’s rights and civil rights for all families in the United States. They are directly responsible for many of the rights that we have today; including the right to vote, the right to work, the right to maternity leave,  the right to an education, to live freely, yet with so much more to do.


YWCA of the Harbor Area is part of this amazing network of advocacy, and was established in 1918. For over a century, we have continued to support women and families in the immediate local and surrounding areas. Our service area covers cities from the South Bay Beaches to Long Beach – with our historical building located in San Pedro, California.  Our YWCA was one of 31 YWCA’s designed and built by Julia Morgan, the first woman architect in California.  We are the last one still proudly operating as a YWCA. 


This year’s Royal Afternoon Tea proceeds will jump start our newly developed Workforce Development Program, providing digital skills training and education, to help people get back to work after the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Unfortunately we have seen  a majority women lose their jobs, and in many cases those positions are not available to go back to. Thus requiring another pathway to employment; we at the YWCA of the Harbor Area are working to provide an avenue of independence and sustainability to support women and families in our community.   


Throughout the years, we have directly and indirectly touched thousands and continue to do so with our programs and services! Help us continue in this endeavor by your support and commitment to the YWCA mission - eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.



  • WorldTots LA  - Childcare and Preschool for infants through 6 years old

  • Julia’s Closet Thrift Store -Move Out Program - Second Chances Voucher Program to provide clothing and supplies to families in need.

  • Food Distribution - every Friday 1 pm – over 1000lbs of produce, bakery items and prepared food are distributed– diverting waste from landfills - in association with “Let’s Be Whole”

  • Composting

  • Mammograms (Encore Plus)  – free screening (bi-lingual Spanish available)

  • Racial Justice - Human Trafficking Awareness Program -Local association – informational presentations series –

    • Voter Education

    • See it End It Film and Arts Festival

  • Workforce Development Program - WE 360 – Women’s Entrepreneur Program - Digital Skills Training

  • Holiday Programs - Thanksgiving Food Baskets - Breakfast With Santa - Adopt A Family

Action Based & Solution Orientated Programs to directly provide help and services to our community – your YWCA is working.

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