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At YWCA of the Harbor Area, we’ve served those most in need in the Harbor and South Bay areas for over 100 years. This August, we’re aiming to raise $50,000 to fund a Work Force Development program aimed at helping people develop the skills needed to find quality jobs that will support the community’s needs.


On May 21st & 22nd we are planning to host our annual Royal Tea fundraising event. At this event, we will offer a proper Royal Tea experience either in house or remotely and will raise money by donations and an online auction.


We are anticipating 120 in person guests over the 2-day period and 150-200 attending remotely via Zoom. Our target market are those Los Angeles and Orange County community members who actively participate in building stronger communities through their contributions.


However, we think our efforts would go even farther with official corporate sponsors.  We know that brands mean business in the non-profit world, and when we have the support of organizations like yours, we have the ability to draw in a larger base of support from the community.


In this role, your business would choose your sponsorship level and donation, and in turn we would promote your company as the event’s official sponsor, based on the level you choose. 


                                                Sponsorship Options

                                         (Please call for more information)

Standard Sponsorship:                $1,500 Annual

Banner on Monthly Newsletter, Name / Logo and Business link on Websites under Sponsors tab Recognition at events, 4 Boxes or 2 Tickets to our Annual Events, 20% discount for additional boxes or tickets, Discount on use of Julia Morgan building for private events.


Silver Sponsorship:                       $2,500 Annual

Standard Sponsorship gifts and your Name/ Logo on all media for annual events as “Sponsor” and recognition at events.


Gold Sponsorship:                        $5,000 Annual

Silver Sponsorship gifts and 4 additional Boxes and 2 additional Tickets to our Annual Events, 30% discount for additional boxes or tickets, Name Associated with program “ABC Sponsored Workforce Development Program”.


Platinum Sponsorship:                 $10,000 Annual

Gold Sponsorship gifts and Banner on Monthly Newsletter, 40% discount for additional boxes or tickets, Sole Name Associated with specific program “ ABC Workforce Development Program”.

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